Over the last five years, I have transitioned from


to Mentor and I want you to know that

I'm Zainab Benson



I’m really animated, always doing something silly


I love food, a LOT. I’m always eating 


I really enjoy watching ballet 


I prefer online shopping

and I highly recommend it 


      As a Transformational + Mindset Coach for ambitious women, Podcast Host, Online Blogger, protector of women and huge activist for women’s rights - I wholeheartedly believe that women can become who they truly want to be and are meant to be. I am here to encourage you throughout your journey in helping you 


      A free-spirited and lover of fashion + all things luxurious, obsessed with only neutral colors, believer in sisterhood, personal development enthusiast + risk taker with an empathetic heart.



Many will confess that life in our twenties is filled with a mix of newfound freedom, amazing opportunities, a host of life lessons and the unavoidable growing pains. One quickly learns while there are many things to look forward too, there is also a laundry list of things you never expected to encounter in life. In the seasons of life, you can experience the most amazing moments that bring tears of joy.




In common English, a “transition” is a movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another. It is important for you to know that transitioning to womanhood is a process, not a series of discrete events. Transitioning in any stages of life will be achieved in many different ways and time frames.


How many of you know a person in your life who doesn’t seem to live up to their potential? Someone who is extremely smart, perhaps a super freak of an artist, a creative genius, but lives a mediocre life with plenty left on the table. That definitely used to be me. How many of us continue to be that way?  Most of us live our lives waiting for something to happen, and that includes me. We sometimes lack the drive to be a go-getter, to envision way more of ourselves and change our situation for the better.

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