For years I suffered through my pain, sometimes feeling like I was never going to be able to overcome it. Some days were more difficult than others, but for a long time, there were no easy days at all. It seemed like pain was my natural state after a while, something that I had stopped questioning. When I finally resolved to move on from the pain, though, I saw how little sense it would have made to do anything differently. Once I understood the steps that I needed to take to rise up from the pain that I was feeling, I quickly gained steam, my momentum urging me on from one positive experience to the next. 


Too often, we hold on to identities that no longer serve us because we are afraid of failure, change, and disappointing people. But keeping ourselves trapped in outdated patterns of thinking is a breeding ground for anxiety, burnout, and even depression.


I learned that when you do what you fear the most and give yourself space to expand into new territory, you invite creativity, liveliness, and success in your life. For me, that meant investing thousands of dollars into my personal development, and fully dedicating myself to living my best life and helping others do the same. 


That voice of not-enoughness runs deep for women and traps many in the stagnant cycle of wanting to rise but being too afraid to do so.


Like many women, I learned from an early age to downplay my desires, self-worth, and brilliance as a means of protecting myself from the embarrassment of failure or worse the overwhelm of success.

There is an outdated and flawed assumption that if some women stand out, others will fall away. We have been conditioned to believe that standing out is arrogant, playing small makes us less threatening to others, and taking up lots of space is grounds for an apology.


I have transitioned from survivor to victor to mentor; becoming more than I ever thought possible. There was a time in my life that I would have looked upon who I am now and wondered how, but now that I have arrived here, now that I am who I am, I see that I have simply filled out and grown into the person that I was always waiting to be. My potential was always grand, but it took creating a safe space for myself to realize that. It took will and work for me to break through the boundaries that I had imagined around my life and unleash my power in its fullness.


My private coaching packages are designed to get female leaders just like you living your life with purpose, feeling confident and experiencing all the abundance this world has to offer.

Hi, I'm Zainab!

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