In common English, a “transition” is a movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another. It is important for you to know that transitioning to womanhood is a process, not a series of discrete events. Transitioning in any stages of life will be achieved in many different ways and time frames. During my recent transition from victim to victor, I found that change was synonymous with transitioning. I think for many of us when we perceive any sort of transition from one chapter of our life into another, it is a change we can’t possibly bear. The “transition” we must make inside ourselves to adjust to the change is a psychological one and is what most of us have some trouble with. A perceived heart wrenching, do or die situation we call change is the main reason why we so often become stuck. Leaving our old habits, relationships, jobs, locations, and limiting beliefs, stories, and identities behind us, we suddenly feel as though we are faced with the unsettling prospect of re-establishing ourselves.  It is usually never the transition that is so difficult it is how we choose to respond to their challenges. It is when we are in transition that we are most alive. These phases of our lives offer opportunities for unbelievable discovery. Allowing this to take place, I believe is the most radical act of self-love. As you make the transition from being toxic to yourself to a woman who takes action - don’t feel obligated to “go big or go home”. If there’s anything humanity has learned about habits, it’s that starting small is the secret to lasting change.

Behavioral psychology 101: focus on the first step.

So if you are in the midst of a transition, whether it is the beginning or end of a job, career, or relationship, or even a move to a different house or location; remember that the psychological adjustment and discomfort you are experiencing is a natural part of the change process. Even if the change is welcome, the personal transition that accompanies the change is not like a light switch. It takes time and it can feel bad before it feels good or better.

Be gentle with yourself and learn to be comfortable with your own discomfort as you move through and navigate the unfamiliar territory of the transition. Before you know it, the unfamiliar will be familiar and the uncomfortable will be comfortable.

Give it time.

Be patient.

And fully savour and enjoy what this new beginning can bring…

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